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Colorful Organization

I came across an article on FreshHome recently with the title “Unexpectedly Playful and Open Modern Home in Belgium.” My first thought was that “playful” is not a word that we often use in the design of our homes, and my second thought was, “Why not?” The adjectives that typically hit the top of the must-have list include: elegant, refined, luxurious, rustic, charming, relaxing, clean, or modern. And while all these are fantastic adjectives – and ones I have strived for in my own home – this is the first time recently that I’ve seen the term “playful” applied outside of a child’s room. And, quite frankly, it is refreshing.

Giraffe Paper Weight

We all need a little playfulness in our lives to combat the glaring fluorescent lights and oh-so-charming cubicles of our day-to-day grind. Simple accents like a green side table giraffe, whimsical lighting (such as these), or just re-arranging the way we use our rooms creates opportunity for play. And while an indoor slide from the second floor might be a bit far fetched, setting up the laundry hamper like a basketball goal just might make dirty socks a little more fun!

BackBoard Decal from Urban Outfitters

BackBoard Decal from Urban Outfitters


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