The Five Minute Room

Create breathing room in just 5 minutes

What’s Old is New

Pottery Barn Eagan Entry  Pottery Barn Eagan Dining

While my last post would take much longer than 5 minutes to complete, today’s opportunity for creating breathing room is much more attainable. With the weather warming up and festival season in full swing, we often begin to look for opportunities to entertain and socialize. If you feel as if the entertaining areas of your home aren’t quite up to par, consider the following for a quick pick me up.

Look around your home for items you love but seem tired or ordinary. Consider moving them to another room, wall, or even outside! So often simply relocating an object can give it completely new life and cause your friends to ask, “Where did you get that?!” To which to can play your best Scarlett O’Hara card, “Oh, this old thing?”


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