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Bright Ideas

Designed by Hung Ming Chen; Hommin Studio

Designed by Hung Ming Chen; Hommin Studio

Having just arrived home from a two week trip around Europe, I am excited to share what’s new and innovative in design from across the pond in a series of blog posts.


The world of lighting has become engulfed with new options for making your standard light fixture more remarkable: Edison Bulbs are reminiscent of an era past while requiring no cover due to lack of glare, Silver Bowl Bulbs direct light upward while creating visual interest, and LED light panels distribute light in an even way allowing multiple tiny lights to create fun patterns.


The most entertaining solution I’ve seen recently came in visiting a design store in Stockholm, Sweden two weeks ago. I came across the Bird Lights pictured above where with one elegantly designed, delicate bird you can turn that old basement light into a charming conversation piece!


One comment on “Bright Ideas

  1. ABP
    June 21, 2013

    Those are fantastic!

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