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Take Home TV: Part 2

There were so many fantastic things about Sandy & Susy’s episode, I have to share a few of them – and maybe more in a follow up post! Like many of my clients, Sandy was looking to mix elegant and casual living in an open concept space that still allowed for formal entertaining. I loved how we were able to repurpose some of her existing furniture pieces, and combine rustic elements such as the brick veneer backsplash with the clean lines of a tiled fireplace that only looked like metal!

Here are a few of my favorite items and where you can get them for your home!

1. White Brick Backsplash

This one is Castle Gate brick veneer and can be purchased through major home retailers such as Lowes. It is easy to install with the metal webbing – so slap on some goopy mortar and you have a new, old wall! To get the white patina I had it custom painted by Aesthetics Painting here in Atlanta, but since it comes in sheets you can always try your hand at it before installing!

Rustic Elegance in the Kitchen

Rustic Elegance in the Kitchen

Castle Gate Brick Veneer

Custom Painted Brick







2. Dining Room Wallpaper

I just can’t get over the name of this wallpaper – Kinky Vintage in Moonshine! With a raised, glittering, velvet damask pattern it makes me think of Moulin Rouge or Burlesque. Who says your dining room can’t be elegant AND a little fun? This is sold by Graham & Brown.

Kinky Vintage in Moonshine by Graham & Brown

Kinky Vintage in Moonshine by Graham & Brown











3. Wall Clock

If you have the ceiling height, go for it! Drawing the eye upward without the heavy feeling that a solid painting can evoke, I love the old train-station feel. Get this one from Grandin Road.

Stunning Wall Clock from Grandin Road

Stunning Wall Clock from Grandin Road












4. Looking for the perfect rattan counters tools? These from Pier 1 are both comfy and attractive. I’ve actually used them in multiple homes because they blend so flawlessly with everything from Deco to Chic design.

Pier 1 Kubu Counterstool

Pier 1 Kubu Counterstool


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